based in Asia, with partners in Canada, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Switzerland, etc. We have a long term experience in the international foreign exchange industry, which gives us the edge of competitiveness and professionalism.  The only mission of is to help You, our customer. To help fellow retail traders get analysed signals to help grow your accounts with us.

We provide online forex forecasts and real time intraday/short-term positional forex trading signals for Forex Currencies pairs with entry and exit signals directly to you. Signals can be seen as posted on website and are sent by email service to your subscribed email ID.

Not only this, we have setup automated trading VPS solutions where effective combination of money management techniques along with technical as well as fundamental analysis boosts profits to the maximum! Let the robots do your work for you while you sit back and rip the benefits of technology.*


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Forex Signals & Strategies executed directly on Meta Trader Trading Platform.* (Account Management*)

Signalstrader has 200-1000 pips during 1 month by giving 2 or more signals. (FX Signals)


Forex Signals and Forex Robot (EA) of are creating one of the best performances with less drawdowns in the market already!!


3 Reasons why Forex Traders & Investors Trust our FX Signals
  1. Consistently High Win Ratio - Our Forex Signals are timed and delivered in a manner that ensures a low rate of failure
  2. SmartRisk System for Drawdown Management - Our SmartRisk System ensures that if a trade starts to go negative, then continuous updates are provided to ensure low loss and high wins
  3. Excellent Forex Robot/Highly Profitable EA – Forex Robot named BatBot (Formerly, Highly Profitable EA) by is one of the most profitable EA developed ever in the history of Forex. EA has the ability to trade as per market movement with very minimal drawdown and high profit daily. It is not affected by any News Event or any major market movement. It is Algorithmic Trading Strategy and just requires equity of $1000 to trade consistently. (Preferably More For More Profits!)


Our Profitable Forex Signals Features
  • Consistant pips from Forex Signals which adds up to huge percentage increases based on your risk appetite.
  • All Signals with precise Entry Price, Stop loss & Take Profit
  • Continuous update about Signals
  • Very Patient Break-Out Signals for high Risk:Reward ratio.
With you don’t need to keep checking your charts or worry about upcoming news announcements, that’s our job!

You must use strategy to avoid loses!

No matter how many good positions you enter, you may still lose. Why? Because the mentality of most traders is to fast recover by entering next positions with bigger/all lot size in position, not realizing that market can eat most of your trades, no matter how sure they seem. So, what you need is strategy AND discipline. With our strategies, you will know how to calculate your trading lots for every trade, and recover even after several losing positions.

Principal - no strategy + no risk management = no profit + account blown!

To see our signals strategy in work for yourself, you can check our Performance and Automated Trading Records (verified by myfxbook) to decide for yourself!


* reserves the right to change the offers/plans and terms without any prior notice.

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Innovative Approach - With our team of professional analyzers and marketing strategists, we build the innovative digital online Forex trading experience that produces measurable performance. is a truly full service Forex consulting company offering its customers cutting edge turn key ready solutions.

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Automated Trading Solutions - Forex traders agree that timing is everything. Getting into the market just as it is about to move often makes for the largest possible profits but can also make for large losses. Most traders find it difficult to get into the market at the right time and impossible to be at their computers 24 hours a day 5 days a week to monitor the market for activity.

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